The Basics of Invisalign in Medicare Dental Clinic

Basics of Invisalign Reading

You should only settle for the best when having any kind of dental treatment performed, right? Rest assured that when you opt for Invisalign with Medicare Dental Clinic in Reading you are getting only the very best treatment there is.

The Basics of Invisalign in Medicare Dental Clinic
Invisalign at Medicare Dental Clinic in Reading aligns your teeth, similar to more traditional braces. What makes the procedure different from braces is that it doesn’t involve metal components. Rather, invisible and comfortable aligners created from smooth, medical-grade plastics are used instead. The aligners apply pressure to your teeth strategically in order to push them to where they should be.

The aligners are created from a 3D map of your mouth. The treatment is spread across a series of aligners; each new aligner pushing your teeth closer to where they should be. It’s possible to adjust the treatment plan as it moves forward, but most patients will follow the same treatment they are given when they get started with Invisalign.

The first thing many patients notices about Invisalign is that it is almost completely invisible. Invisalign from Reading Medicare Dental Clinic allows you to avoid giving away that you are having your teeth treated when you open your mouth. As nice as this is, the benefits of Invisalign are much more than mere aesthetics.

As Invisalign aligners can be removed, there’s no need for you to alter your lifestyle to suit the treatment. Instead of learning how to brush your teeth once again, you’re able to simply remove your aligners, brush your teeth, and put them back in. You also don’t need to change up your diet to suit the aligners as if they were traditional braces. Invisalign allows you to go on living your life basically how you were before.

Invisalign also means you don’t need to see your dentist as much as you would with traditional braces; which have to be adjusted every so often. Invisalign from Medicare Dental Clinic in Reading allows you to make any adjustments by just changing aligners. You’ll only need to see your dentist around once every six weeks.

Potential Drawbacks
Nothing is perfect and there are indeed some potential drawbacks to Invisalign. One of the benefits – that it is removable – is also one of the biggest potential drawbacks of Invisalign. It means that you have been careful to remember exactly where the alignments need to be put back in.