It’s Time You Improved Your Smile!

Improved Your Smile Reading Dentist

At Medicare Clinic in Reading, we are able to offer a range of dental solutions to support your oral health. We are proud to offer you with the very best cosmetic dentist for you in Medicare Dental Clinic – Reading.

Are your teeth painful or stained? Have your dentures started to lose their grip? Your Medicare Dental Clinic – Reading cosmetic dentist will be able to help you get rid of all of these problems, giving you back the pleasant smile you once had.

What Cosmetic Dentist in Medicare Dental Clinic – Reading can Offer
We are able to offer clients a high standard of complete dental care, preventing oral problems and keeping your teeth naturally healthy and beautiful. From the initial consultation all the way through to the final recovery, you can count on us to be there for you. We provide patients with expert advice and the kind of dental experience you won’t find anywhere else; all from the beauty of central Reading.

On top of this, your cosmetic dentist in Medicare Dental Clinic – Reading, will ensure your comfort remains one of our top priorities. We want to make you feel at home while you are under our care. Our friendly and dedicated staff of dental professionals will be there for you. From the time you walk through our doors to the time you leave, rest assured that you’re with the safest of hands at Medicare Clinic in Reading.

The Initial Consultation
We understand how important preventative action and proactively caring for your teeth are to dental hygiene. This allows us to identify problems and eliminate them as soon as possible while giving your smile that extra dash of beauty.

Your Medicare Dental Clinic – Reading cosmetic dentist starts things out by taking an x-ray of your teeth. This x-ray forms the foundation of creating an accurate overall assessment of your oral hygiene. Next, we thoroughly check your teeth and assess how your teeth look and perform.

Cosmetic dentistry at Medicare Clinic in Reading also understands the importance of gum health. We discuss a variety of options for oral hygiene with our patients. It’s also important to assess the jaw, as your headaches or migraines could be caused by your “bite”.

Next comes an assessment of your cheek and tongue health, including performing an in-depth oral cancer screening. The final thing we do is consider what lifestyle choices you make, such as drinking and smoking, which can have a drastic effect on your oral health and the cosmetic options available.