Are Gums an Important Part of Oral Health?


Most people think that their smile is made of just their teeth, and it’s certainly true that their teeth are a key part of having a beautiful smile. Medicare Clinic in Reading knows that there’s more to a beautiful smile than just teeth. You need to keep your gums healthy to ensure years and years of beautiful smiles.

Unfortunately, too many people overlook the importance of their gums. So, how do you keep your gums clean and healthy? Gums are similar to teeth in that getting preventative care performed by your dentist in Medicare Clinic – Reading regularly is needed to keep them healthy. Ensure that you care for your smile as a whole by brushing, flossing, and having regular check-ups with your dentist. Gums are needed to hold the teeth in place in your jaw, so when gums recede – such as through gum disease – it can cause your teeth to fall out easier.

Dentist in Medicare Dental Clinic – Reading Preventative Care

A good daily dental hygiene routine includes brushing and flossing your teeth, which keeps the gums healthy as well as teeth. Floss helps your gums by removing food particles and bacteria that would have been missed by brushing. Food ends up behind and between your teeth, reaching places only flossing can get to.

Most patients worry about flossing because sometimes their gums bleed as they floss and they feel it is caused by flossing itself. The reality is that flossing rarely ever causes bleeding. Your gums are likely bleeding because of gum disease. This leaves gums inflamed. It’s important that you schedule a check-up with your Medicare Dental Clinic in Reading if you notice irritated or inflamed gums, as well as bleeding when brushing/flossing.

Do You Need Professional Dental Cleaning?

Dental hygiene should be combined with continued regular check-ups and cleanings from a dentist to prevent plaque from building up, along with other dental problems such as gum disease. When your dentist in Medicare Dental Clinic cleans your teeth, they remove any built-up tartar that can damage your teeth and lead to gum inflammation.

However, if it turns out that you already have gum disease, then you could be recommended different treatments by your Medicare Dental Clinic Reading dentist. This is known as root planning or scaling. The procedures are used to keep your gums healthy by getting rid of the bacteria causing the gum disease.