Don’t Let Your Wonky Teeth Become a Pain in the Neck

Wonky Teeth Reading

At Medicare Clinic in Reading, we believe that two things are needed in order maintain perfect oral health and wellbeing. This starts with having a mouth and teeth free of cavities and infections to form the foundation of peak oral health. What you also need is to have a great smile people enjoy looking at. A fundamental part of both of these is having clean straight teeth that bite properly. This is what is known in the business as orthodontics. Medicare Dental Clinic Reading consider orthodontics to be one of the most important aspects of dentistry.

Orthodontic treatments are needed to perfect your oral health. As we straighten misaligned teeth, we make it easier for you to keep them clean and floss. Having your teeth straightened at Medicare Dental Clinic in Reading reduces the number of nooks and crannies plaque and tartar can get stuck in. Less plaque on your teeth and gums means less chance of your teeth decaying and developing gum disease.

Having your teeth aligned and correcting your bite could remove a lot of unnecessary pain. If your teeth are not biting together as they should, it creates an uneven distribution of pressure during chewing, which causes pain in the teeth that take the brunt of the pressure. It also causes pain in your jaw, headaches, and can literally be a pain in your neck.

There are a number of options for realigning teeth with orthodontics at Medicare Dental Clinic; as well as options for balancing your bite. There are individual benefits to each system of treatment.

If you want to make the treatment as unnoticeable as possible, then having braces fitted to the inside of the teeth could be the right choice. Lingual braces align your teeth through the use of wires and brackets, but they can’t be seen as they are kept behind the teeth rather than being attached to the front.

If you don’t mind having braces on the front of your teeth then orthodontics at Medicare Dental Clinic can offer a set of transparent ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires. This system blends into your teeth rather than standing out against them.

Orthodontics in Medicare Dental Clinic Reading is offered to both children and adults. Consultations are available for children over seven years old.