You may see your dentist any day of the week! Our dentists come from Poland and have brought with them affordable prices, professionalism and proven modern methods of treatment. Anesthesia is standard treatment at our clinic; therefore, its cost is included in the price. We want you to forget about the pain and focus on what the dentist says. At our clinic, you always know what has happened to your teeth and how much you have to pay for each treatment. Below are just some of the services we offer. You do not have to fly to Poland! Most of us visit the dentist only when there is a toothache. At our clinic, you will find not only a quick help and pain relief (7 days a week, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm), but also a professional advice on how to avoid problems with teeth, and a treatment plan with prices. Therefore, you will not have to consider a fast flight to Poland!

Addiction treatment

The treatment of addictions is not a fast and easy process. However, we have solutions that help patients deal with additions effectively. Due to our knowledge, experience, and empathy, we have patients feel ready to go through the whole process of treatment.

Aesthetic medicine

The resources we have to allow the patients to remove their imperfections and skin problems. We help people to feel more self-confident and look in the mirror with satisfaction. All this is accomplished without the need to use a scalpel.


Our diagnostic techniques and procedures make it possible to find the cause of your allergic reactions. The diagnostic and therapeutic approach to each case allows us to select appropriate medications and treatment and simultaneously eliminate the ailments that reduce the comfort of your life.


A strong heart is the force, energy, and vitality of life. We treat and prevent heart problems, advise patients on what to do to enjoy life.


We eliminate the nightmare of a dental surgery. The visit turns into a pleasurable time that guarantees dental health and the beauty of your smile.


Treatment of dermatologic afflictions does not have to be long lasting and painful. We carefully select adequate methods of treatment to achieve the best results.

General practitioner

Do not stand in a queue. If there is an urgent necessity to see a doctor, there is always the possibility to be taken care of at our medical clinic. To make an ordinary appointment, just give us a call. We guarantee that we will provide assistance to you without the need to wait a long time to see a doctor.


Modern equipment, a comfortable doctor’s surgery, and qualified personnel make the visit to the gynaecologist a relaxed experience rather than an unpleasant necessity. We advise you to examine your health regularly.


Our laboratory makes it possible to diagnose the patients’ health problems comprehensively in a short period of time. We are able to conduct many tests, including preventive tests that aim to indicate your medical condition.


We provide the care of exceptional professionals, a wide range of examinations carried out by means of state of the art equipment, perfect accessibility of all services and comfortable conditions at our private medical center.


We will help you fight orthopedic complaints related to your medical condition. We are dealing with patients of all ages, and our specialists choose the best method of treatment according to each problem.


We make the best efforts, so that every patient, even the smallest one, feels safe and comfortable. The appropriate atmosphere at the doctor’s surgery and approach towards the patient and his/her parents makes it possible to examine the child carefully, make a clear diagnosis, and explain the process of treatment in detail.


Our specialists help the patients to deal with problematic psychological problems. The possibility to talk to other person is sometimes a better cure than a pill.


Thanks to the advanced equipment and techniques, we have urological examinations that are carried out in such a way so as to maximally eliminate the patient’s discomfort and obtain test results that allow us to make a clear diagnosis.


We help patients get rid of troublesome illnesses, bringing the self-confidence and the comfort of life back.